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Free keyword clustering tool

The free keyword clustering tool from Swiftbrief allows you to expand a topic and get the related keywords in the cluster starting from your desired topic, such as "b2b content marketing strategy", or "audience building techniques", or anything else.

This free tool is meant to be used as a casual, lightweight system to generate keyword clusters quickly. It's not meant for professional use. If you're interested in a more powerful keyword clustering and content brief experience, check out Swiftbrief's standard plans.

How to use the keyword clustering tool

Here are a few steps to get the most of the keyword clustering tool:

  1. Enter a niche topic you are interested in, such as "seo link velocity" or "full stack web development in javascript".
  2. Wait for the software to expand the topic and add related keywords
  3. Download the keyword cluster as a CSV file including the total volume of all keywords in the cluster

    Does this tool collect any data?

    The keyword clustering tool collects the following:

  4. Your public IP address
  5. The topics that you search for

    We do this to prevent abuse (there is a limit of 3 free uses, connected to your IP) and to improve our services.

    Read our privacy policy to learn more.

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