Three simple plans

For busy content marketers and editors

Join 200+ Agencies and SEOs

Early bird


Great for occassional delegating to freelance writers or quick research


19 39/mo

  • 2500 credits / mo
  • Up to 5 briefs / mo
  • Up to 2500 keywords / mo
  • Up to 10 topics / mo
  • 1 brand

  • Autocomplete import
  • Meta generation
  • Autobriefs

  • Writer management
  • Cost & ROI reports
Great Value

Early bird


Perfect for internal company use and marketing consultants


49 99/mo

  • 7500 credits / mo
  • Up to 15 briefs / mo
  • Up to 7500 keywords / mo
  • Up to 30 topics / mo
  • 5 brands

  • Autocomplete import
  • Meta generation
  • Autobriefs

  • Writer management
  • Cost & ROI reports

Early bird


For high-volume delegation in agency settings


99 249/mo

  • 45000 credits / mo
  • Up to 90 briefs / mo
  • Up to 45000 keywords / mo
  • Up to 180 topics / mo
  • 30 brands

  • Autocomplete import
  • Meta generation
  • Autobriefs

  • Writer management (soon)
  • Cost & ROI reports (soon)

  • Zapier (soon)
  • API (soon)

The @SwiftbriefApp team absolutely hooks it up. Great product & even better customer service, a must-have if you're creating content at scale.


Founder of New Seas

Before Swiftbrief my team used to spend 20 minutes just doing the groundwork. Now we spend only 2. We are saving almost 30 hours per month.

Flavio Amiel

Content Agency Owner

All plans include

Keyword Clustering

Leverage SERP-backed Keyword clustering for your Briefs

AI features

Leverage a powerful AI features to build outlines automatically.

Unlimited users

Tired of per-user pricing? Swiftbrief lets you add as many users as you want.

Import and export (soon)

We don't judge where your data goes (or comes from). Import and export at free will.

Email support

We reply to all support requests within 1 business day (usually in just a few hours).

Guided view

Decide whether to be guided through the process or toggle more advanced workflows.

stefan wirth swiftbrief customer service

Prefer to see a live demo?

No problem! Schedule a 30-min demo call and I'll take you through the functionality.

Frequently asked questions

What does "Early Bird" mean?

The Early Bird program will last until June 30, 2023 and it's a way for you to actively engage in Swiftbrief's development early on, shaping its functionality. Plans are offered at a discounted price during this period, after which the full price will go into effect.

What is a "lifetime" deal?

Lifetime deals are a time- and stock-limited offer that allows early adoperts of Swiftbrief to get full access for the lifetime of the product, without the need to pay recurring fees or subscriptions. They are only available as part of our Early Bird program and will be discontinued in 2023.

What does "soon" mean?

Some of the features displayed on the pricing are not yet available. We display them to give you a sense of where Swiftbrief is headed, and whether an early investment in a Premium plan makes sense for you before the price increases after the Early Bird program expires.

What are briefs and brands?

Swiftbrief hinges on the idea that you create content to spread your brand's voice in a unique way. Brands in Swiftbrief allow writers to stay consistent against your tone of voice. Briefs are Swiftbrief's main unit of value: they represent a topic you want to create content around.

What counts as a "topic search"?

A topic search automatically looks up relevant sub-topics derived from a root topic. For example, if you search for "content brief", Swiftbrief will let you select the sub-topics you like best from a varied list, so you can manage your entire content strategy from one place.

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