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Free blog outline generator

The free blog outline generator from Swiftbrief allows you to build simple content outlines by fetching headings directly from Google results and allowing you to add, edit, or remove them.

This free tool is meant to be used as a casual, lightweight system to build a content outline quickly. It's not meant for professional use. If you're interested in a more powerful outline generation experience, check out Swiftbrief's standard plans.

How to use the blog outline generator

Here are a few steps to get the most of the outline generator:

  1. Enter a niche topic you are interested in, such as "b2b content marketing strategy" or "full stack web development in javascript". The more specific, the better.
  2. Click on "Build your outline" and provide your email address to start fetching the headings from Google.
  3. Once fetched, the headings from competing pieces of content will appear on the left. Here, you can:
    • Click on any heading to add it to your outline
    • Check the original source of the headings
    • Get a full view of H2s, H3s, and H4s
  4. On the right side, you will see your headings populate as you add them from the left. You have 2 options here:
    1. Remove a heading
    2. Edit your heading
  5. Use the headings on the left hand side as inspiration and create your own structure on the right. Then, edit ALL headings on the right to avoid any plagiarism issues.
  6. Once you're ready, click on the "Copy your outline" button on the right side to copy the headings to your clipboard and share them with your writer or add them to a document.

Does this tool collect any data?

The blog outline generator collects the following:

  • Your public IP address
  • Your email address
  • The topics that you search for

We do this to prevent abuse (there is a limit of 3 free uses per week, connected to your IP) and to improve our services.

Read our privacy policy to learn more.

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