About Swiftbrief

Swiftbrief was launched in June 2022 but was first conceived all the way back in early 2021. The idea was to make content easier and faster to delegate while achieving higher quality results compared to traditional writer engagements.

Why Swiftbrief?

The founder, Arrigo Lupori, saw the potential of using briefs as an anchor for all things quality control: from giving writers just the right amount of information to reviewing their output to making long-term hiring decisions.

It was also a way to keep the brand's messaging consistent across multiple pieces, something that Arrigo had struggled with during his time as an agency owner.

The company

Swiftbrief is a small software company. It's Arrigo's primary focus, and it will continue evolving for many years. If you want to know more about the brand, check out this LinkedIn article where Arrigo shares why it's an important step to him.

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