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Swiftbrief is the brief generation engine that helps you scale your SEO content with data.

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Keyword Research

Crawl and analyze SERPs to find the keywords ranking across the first 20 results then cluster keywords with the highest potential for success.

Get Accurate Data

Make decisions based on relevant data across SERPs, keywords, and content. Use our keyword scoring signals to align your priorities with market trends.

Build Effective Content

Serve your content writers briefs and outlines that hit the target every time. Edit the final brief. Then it’s as easy as copy and paste.

1. Enter Topic Keyword

Find relevant keywords (page topics) in the same topical cluster as your seed keyword.

swiftbrief onboarding screen

2. Select Root Keyword

Use data to prioritise page topics for your content pipeline.

swiftbrief topics screen

3. Confirm Branch Keywords

Remove any branch keywords that should not be included on this page’s brief and outline.

swiftbrief keywords screen

4. Finalize Your Brief

Make any necessary changes to the brief before finalizing and sharing with your content team.

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Swiftbrief was built by SEOs for SEOs, with features that meet the needs of both the casual and power user. From keyword suggestions, to clustering to brief generation, we’ve got everyone covered.

Keyword Research

Data backed keyword suggestions to help find high-traffic keywords, trending topics, and user intent insights, essential for crafting SEO-optimized content strategies.

Keyword Clustering

Segment keywords into relevant topical groups, enhancing targeted content creation and improving website structure for both user navigation and search engine indexing.

Brief Generator

Instantly create detailed content briefs, integrating SEO data, competitor analysis, and tailored guidelines, streamlining the content planning process for marketers and writers.

Content Editor


Intuitive, SEO-focused writing environment with real-time optimization suggestions, helping writers produce content that resonates with both search engines and audiences.


The @SwiftbriefApp team absolutely hooks it up. Great product & even better customer service, a must-have if you're creating content at scale.


Founder of New Seas

Before Swiftbrief my team used to spend 20 minutes just doing the groundwork. Now we spend only 2. We are saving almost 30 hours per month.

Flavio Amiel

Content Agency Owner

Our Process

We’re not your typical SEO tool. Our approach is simple: use data to present the most optimal path to success.

Site Topic

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Page Topics

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Page Keywords

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Brief & Outline

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Get The SEO Data That Matters

Swiftbrief is your partner in navigating the vast sea of data, delivering actionable SEO insights that power your content strategy.

By automating the tedious parts of content research, our SEO platform frees you to focus on what truly matters - engaging and growing your audience with quality content.

We interpret a large amounts of SEO data and distill them down to understandable, actionable briefs.

swiftbrief seo data

Reframing Keyword Research

We're redefining the Keyword hierarchy with seed, root, and branch level classifications. We start at the seed level, identifying the foundational terms integral to your niche. We then branch out to the root level where these seeds grow into page topic keywords. Finally, we explore the branch level, delving into the supporting keyword pool for page integration.

This structure ensures comprehensive coverage and consistent clustering results, empowering your content to flourish in an ecosystem.

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Why Choose Swiftbrief?

Effortless content optimization, and a competitive edge, Swiftbrief is your gateway to data-driven content success. Sign up now!

180 min

Minutes saved on each brief


Saved on research per article

5 to 7

Months of added writer retention


Headaches and time wasted

Helping marketers and editors deliver great content at scale


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