SEO Roadmap Template: MacOS GPT app

What's on this roadmap

This is an example SEO roadmap for a GPT App for Mac

It helps users use GPT by directly embedding into their workflows and is a much smoother alternative to the web based ChatGPT.

The roadmap template contains a lot of operating system focused keywords (macOS) because the app is specifically targeting macOS users as part of its USP.

The recommendation was to extend the site and create solutions pages for the features, personas and different use cases, for example using GPT in Gmail.

Shortlisted Pages

Here are the pages we have shortlisted and recommended producing for this roadmap:

  • chat gpt templates
  • chatgpt for teaching
  • chatgpt for gmail
  • how to use chatgpt for gmail
  • chatgpt for resumes
  • chatgpt for developers

They help the user use GPT better, enable new user cases and target new personas.

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