SEO Briefs in under 2 minutes

Waste less time with busywork. Spend more time getting results for your clients.

Only for 10 agencies. 2 Spots left.

The @SwiftbriefApp team absolutely hooks it up. Great product & even better customer service, a must-have if you're creating content at scale.


Shopify SEO Agency owner

Swiftbrief is an absolute game-changer for keyword clustering. It uncovers keywords fast, saving me from wasting money on expensive keyword tools

Ilias Ism

Marketing agency owner

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Keyword Research

Crawl and analyze SERPs to find the keywords ranking across the first 20 results then cluster keywords with the highest potential for success.

Get Accurate Data

Make decisions based on relevant data across SERPs, keywords, and content. Use our keyword scoring signals to align your priorities with market trends.

Build Effective Content

Serve your content writers briefs and outlines that hit the target every time. Edit the final brief. Then it’s as easy as copy and paste.

Create briefs quickly

Swiftbrief automates the brief creation process from A to Z, eliminating 90%+ of the busywork.

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swiftbrief outlines screen

Build powerful outlines

Build powerful outlines automatically directly into your briefs.

Keep track of topics

Get direct suggestions for topics you want to include in your briefs and keep track of them in clusters.

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Enforce brand tone

Create your own brands and enforce your style guide across hundreds of content briefs in one place.

Why Swiftbrief?

Researching and creating high quality content at scale takes a lot of time. Swiftbrief does all of the heavy lifting for you.


Minutes saved on each brief


Saved on research per article

5 to 7

Months of added writer retention


Headaches and time wasted

Swiftbrief does the work for you. It saves you time in researching topics and helps your create quality outlines in just minutes.

Ravindra Singh

Solution Consultant, Datavid

Swiftbrief sets a high bar for what content briefs can achieve in a limited space. No overcomplicating, just the info that I need.

Mike Arnold

Freelance writer

stefan wirth swiftbrief customer service

SEO Briefs in under 2 minutes

Waste less time with content busywork. Spend more time getting results.

Only for 10 agencies. 2 Spots left.

Helping marketers and editors deliver great content at scale


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